The SImulation and Modeling Tool for Optical Interferometry is a fast, GPU-enabled geometric model fitting program for optical interferometric data. The program supports a variety of models that are rendered in a 3D, fully time-dependent environment. This code is open source (GPL v3) and distributed on GitHub.


The OpenCL Interferometry Library (liboi) implements several commonly needed routines in optical interferometry in the a heterogeneous computing environment using OpenCL. This library serves as the backend for SIMTOI and GPAIR. This code is open source (LGPL) and distributed on GitHub.

SpectraCyber Control Software

Control software for Radio Astronomy Supplies 1420 MHz hydrogen line spectrometer which I wrote as part of my computer science senior project in undergraduate. The code is in C# and interfaces with the SpectraCyber via. an RS-232 (serial) connection. Data collected is stored in a MS Access database. This code is open source (GPL v3) and distributed on GitHub. I do not intend to develop this code any further so please contact me if you are interested in becoming the maintainer of the package.